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Looking at the Past

March 23rd, 2011

Here at Mason we have many different ways of looking at history. Each approach is as individual as the historian pursuing the work. From using the lens of social history to tell us more about the present day to digitizing records and using new media to make history more accessible to all, our researchers are passionate about their work.

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March 22nd, 2011

Location, location, location. In this issue of Mason Research, we look at place and its role in research. From using satellite technology to observe changes in vegetation to developing techniques to find out more about the terrain of places one can’t travel to yet, such as Mars, location plays a significant role.

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By Jason Jacks As they say in Texas, everything is bigger out west, including wildfires. But, while damaging forest fires in states such as California, Nevada, and Colorado make headlines each summer, the East is far from immune to this raging problem. “The West has bigger and more intense fires,” says John Qu, director of

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By Jim Greif Traditional criminology has focused on understanding the characteristics and careers of criminals, but Mason criminologist David Weisburd has been an international leader in exploring the implications of where crime occurs and the history of high-crime places. Weisburd’s research shows that simply steering clear of the bad side of town may not help

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2010 Research Funding

March 22nd, 2011

Rankings and Expenditures George Mason University continues to experience growth in externally funded research. In fiscal year 2010, the value of awards increased 17.1 percent, from a level of $93.2 million in 2009 to $109.1 million in 2010. During the same period, the value of proposals increased 31.2 percent from a level of $320 million

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Rough night? A new smartphone application developed by Mason student Daniel Gartenberg might be able to help with that. Gartenberg’s app, the Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock, helps you track the ZZZs you get and develop a healthier and more productive sleep pattern.

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Where the Wild Things Are

March 21st, 2011

Tucked into the rolling landscape near Shenandoah National Park, the 3,200-acre Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) is home to endangered animals and the scientists who study them.

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It’s Saturday morning, and some students in the Washington, D.C., area aren’t sleeping in. Instead, this select group is at the city’s McKinley Technology High School learning to create educational computer games.

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By Jim Greif With terrorism as one of the major security concerns of the 21st century, governments are developing sophisticated systems to defend against the use of biological weapons, such as anthrax or smallpox. The general public understands little about these weaponized pathogens, leading to fear about our vulnerability to such an attack. Gregory Koblentz,

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One of the huge video monitors in Anthony Stefanidis’s lab displays a computer model of Mason’s Fairfax Campus rendered in Google Earth. All the buildings are easily recognizable and drawn to scale. Every few seconds, the model spins to show another perspective of the campus.

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