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Technology Development

March 15, 2011

I am pleased to introduce this new section of Mason Research, which includes descriptions of technologies developed by Mason faculty, because it allows me to briefly describe the new direction in which we are taking technology development at Mason. We have moved from a traditional university approach for transferring technology developed by faculty research to the private sector to become one of just a few universities in the country that use a proof of concept technology development center approach.

The Mason Enterprise Initiative (MEI) is an innovative approach that brings together our strengths as a research university with a group of experienced, proven entrepreneurs. The MEI is centered on a vetting group that uses market-based assessment and decision making to identify intellectual property with the potential for commercialization. The vetting group identifies and supports the path that an intellectual property should follow for development: company formation, a patent license approach, or sending the concept back for research for further development. The MEI is led by Jonathan Aberman, managing director of Amplifier Ventures. This arrangement allows the MEI to access local private capital markets to support the commercialization process.

This new approach puts Mason at the forefront of models for the commercialization of university-derived intellectual property. We are excited about this approach because it will allow us to make more productive decisions about the development of intellectual property at Mason and it directly connects Mason’s technology development process with the entrepreneurship and venture capital communities.

Roger R. Stough

Vice President for Research and Economic Development


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