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Looking at the Past

March 23, 2011

Here at Mason we have many different ways of looking at history. Each approach is as individual as the historian pursuing the work. From using the lens of social history to tell us more about the present day to digitizing records and using new media to make history more accessible to all, our researchers are passionate about their work.

Bringing Social History to the Forefront

Mason provost Peter Stearns has written more than 100 books examining life and culture from different perspectives.

Examining the African American Way of Death and Business

Mason historian Suzanne Smith explores the role of African American funeral directors and their participation in the civil rights movement.

Researching Slavery in the North during the American Revolution

Mason Constitution historian Joyce Lee Malcolm uses the life of a young servant boy to examine slavery in the North during Colonial times.

Presenting and Preserving the Past Using Digital Media

Researchers at Mason’s Center for History and New Media are working to revolutionize the way millions of people experience history.

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