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March 22, 2011

Location, location, location. In this issue of Mason Research, we look at place and its role in research. From using satellite technology to observe changes in vegetation to developing techniques to find out more about the terrain of places one can’t travel to yet, such as Mars, location plays a significant role.

Examining the Role That Place Plays in Crime

Mason criminologist David Weisburd’s research on crime and location has led to place-based policing strategies that are being used across the nation.

Digging for Clues with Geological Phenomena

Sidebar: Howard’s Research Is Out of This World

Mason hydrologist Sheryl Beach traveled to Iceland with PhD student Douglas Howard to look for evidence of an ancient mega flood.

Merging Space and Time in Four Dimensions

Researchers at Mason’s Center for Geospatial Intelligence are developing techniques that compare live satellite data and video to existing logistical information and rapidly update it.

Improving Wildfire Management with Satellite Technology

Researchers in Mason’s EastFire Lab are working to diminish the damaging effects of wildfires on states east of the Mississippi.

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