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Serving Warriors

March 15, 2011

At Mason, a significant portion of our federally funded projects are funded by the Department of Defense and often that funding is used to support highly technical work. In this year’s magazine, we include a section that describes some of our faculty research that directly affects members of our military.

Analyzing Brain Function to Treat Wounded Warriors
Mason cognitive neuroscientist Frank Krueger has been studying warfighters’ brain injuries and their long-term cognitive effects by looking at a group of Vietnam War veterans.

Using Radar Signals to Safeguard Our Troops
Mason electrical engineer Kenneth Hintz has developed landmine and sniper detection technologies that could be used to safeguard U.S. troops, as well as civilians.

Turning to the Family to Save the Soldier
Mason researchers Keith Renshaw, Mona Pearl, and Patrick McKnight are honing in on mental health strategies to deal with posttraumatic stress disorder in returning combat veterans.

When a Mother Is Deployed
Air Force colonel and Mason researcher Mona Pearl looks at the effects of deployment on mothers and their teenage children.

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