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March 17, 2011

From looking at the cultural significance of prom to the inner working of the brain in anxious children, Mason researchers are examining different ways to understand and improve young lives.

Looking at Youth Culture
Mason sociologist Amy Best takes a closer look at teenage rites of passage through
prom, driving, and now food.

Helping Former Child Soldiers Reclaim Their Lives
Patricia Maulden of Mason’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution has traveled
to Africa and South America to study the postwar life of former child soldiers.

Testing How Shyness Affects Attention in Children
Mason psychologist Koraly Perez-Edgar has been looking at brain activation and
stress hormones to find out whether painfully shy or anxious children are physically
different from others.

Using Computer Game Design to Boost Interest in High-Tech Careers
Sidebar: Mentoring Makes a Difference
Mason researchers Kevin Clark and Kim Sheridan use computer game design to
help students in underserved communities improve their math and science skills.

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