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New Patents 2012

March 12, 2013

David Geho, Lance Liotta, Alessandra Luchini, and Emanuel Petricoin
Smart Hydrogel Particles for Biomarker Harvesting

Ancha Baranova, Konstantin Shakhbozov, and Mikhail Skoblov
RET Finger Protein 2 (RFP2) Promoter

Kenneth J. Hintz
Information Request Generator

Qiliang Li, Dimitris E. Ioannou, Yang Yang, and Xiaoxiao Zhu
Nanowire Field Effect Junction Diode

Siddarth Sundaresan, Albert V. Davydov, Yong Lai Tian, and Mulpuri V. Rao
Microwave Heating for Semiconductor Nanostructure Fabrication

Mark P. Krekeler, Danielle Stoll, Stephen Elmore, and Cynthia Tselepis (Loertscher)
Secondary Process for Radioactive Chloride Deweaponization and Storage

Tariq A. Alsheddi and Ancha Baranova
Method of Identifying Unique Target Sequence

Deapesh Misra
Image Based Turing Test

Ravinderpal S. Sandhu and Joon S. Park
Secure Cookies

Eswar Prasad Ramachandran Iyer and Daniel Cox
Tissue Sample Preprocessing Methods and Devices

Shen-Shyang Ho and Harry Wechsler
Data Stream Change Detector

Harry Wechsler, Hung Lai, and Venkatesh Ramanathan
Recognition by Parts Using Adaptive and Robust Correlation Filters

Sushil Jajodia
Protecting Sensitive Data Associations

Ibrahim S. Abdullah and Daniel A. Menasce

Ruggero Scorcioni, Giorgio A. Ascoli, and Sridevi Polavaram
Neuronal Measurement Tool

Chaowei Yang, Ying Cao, Jibo Xie, and Bin Zhou
Near Real-time Traffic Routing

Xinyuan Wang and Songqing Chen
Transparent Authentication of Continuous Data Streams

Farrokh Alemi
Tailoring Medication to Individual Characteristics

Xinyuan Wang and Daniel Ramsbrock
Live Botmaster Traceback

Sushil Jajodia, Steven E. Noel, and Eric B. Robertson
Intrusion Event Correlation System

Giorgio A. Ascoli and Alexei Samsonovich
A Semantic Cognitive Map

Harry Wechsler and Fayin Li
Face Authentication Using Recognition-by-Parts, Boosting, and Transduction

Babak Jeddi
Methods and Device for Landing Aircraft

Bijan Jabbari, Esmael Dinan, and Rajiv Papneja
Label Switched Packet Transfer Device

Ancha Baranova and Amanda Zirzow
Nanogenomics for Medicine: siRNA Engineering

Brian L. Mark and Ahmed Nasif
Wireless Communications Using Frequency Agile Radio

Yih Huang, Arun K. Sood, and David Arsenault
Self-Cleansing Secure DNS Server

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