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Privacy and Security

March 8, 2013

From personal decisions about online privacy to how the Transportation Security Administration is looking after national safety, Mason researchers are at work, asking the tough questions and analyzing the results.

Privacy as a Value

Mason researcher Priscilla Regan studies privacy issues surrounding social media and technology.

Securing Cyberspace One Device at a Time

Mason researcher Angelos Stavrou is helping the military safely use smartphone and tablet apps while preventing hackers from stealing classified government information.

Detecting Financial Fraud

Mason fraud expert Keith Jones conducts experiments with auditors and investors to pinpoint suspicious activities that could signal financial fraud.

Mason’s TSA Study Examines Where Security Meets Society

By analyzing TSA’s security plan, Mason researchers David Weisburd and Cynthia Lum can determine which safety measures and relationships with other entities work best to prevent crime and keep air traffic moving safely.


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