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Simulations, Modeling, and Gaming

The applications of simulations, modeling, and gaming are as diverse at the fields touched by it–including health, medicine, climate change, and the weather.

Mason Students Develop Mobile Apps to Discourage Underage Alcohol Use [1]

The Century Council partners with Mason professor Chris Totten to design a mobile game app that conveys the dangers of underage drinking.

Researcher Makes Complicated Big Data Simple to Use [2]

Geoinformation scientist Phil Yang designs systems that help computers organize and interpret information, so it can be readily used by all.

Mason Professor Uses Colorized Computer Models to Evaluate Aneurysms [3]

Colorful computer models created by Mason researcher Juan Cebral give surgeons a whole new way to view brain aneurysms.

The Forecast Is… Murky: The Uncertainties of Weather Prediction [4]

Climate expert Zafer Boybeyi uses advanced numerical models to predict climate and weather events and describes why such work remains challenging.