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March 8, 2013

How people act and communicate in the workplace is critical to a company or organization’s productivity. Our researchers take a look at these issues from a variety of angles and disciplines.

Learning and Culture in the Public Workplace

NASA expert Julianne Mahler discusses the culture of the space agency and the organizational and managerial problems that plagued both space shuttle disasters.

Researcher Explores the Psychology behind Revelations at the Office

Mason psychologist Eden King studies how and why we disclose private information to co-workers and supervisors, and what their responses reveal about work environments.

Can We Talk? Exploring How Colleagues Communicate (or Don’t)

Ann Baker of the School of Public Policy looks at the dynamics of organizational communication and uncovers how differences among co-workers can actually help forge new connections.

The Building Blocks of Long-Lasting Professional Relationships

By studying the psychological attachments that individuals maintain with their workplaces and co-workers, Mason researcher Kevin Rockmann tells how these attachments relate to job satisfaction.



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