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It’s a pretty common occurrence that happens every day — you notice your smartphone needs charging so you quickly hook it up to a computer. You continue on with your daily tasks, trusting that the smartphone is doing nothing more than powering up or synching your calendar and contacts.

All the while, the smartphone may be actively and stealthily taking over your computer.

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Coffee gives more than a morning pick-me-up—about two cups daily could help sufferers of liver disease, according to a new joint study by Mason and Inova Health Systems.

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It’s been called the “blood diamond” of the technology world. But far from being shiny and cast in platinum rings, necklaces, and earrings, the mineral coltan looks more like landscaping gravel than any luxury item symbolizing eternal love.

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Mason scientists discovered recently that a phenomenon called a giant magnetic rope is the cause of solar storms. Confirming the existence of this formation is a key first step in helping to mitigate the adverse effects that solar storm eruptions can have on satellite communications on Earth.

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